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All my life I wanted to have a dog, a Labrador, but since we were living in a flat in the middle of the town, my parents didn' t want to understand my desire…..
Meeting Robert was my luck in two ways – besides the obvious, he also had a dog, a doberman called Moor. Moor was already an older gentleman and took me into his pack and gave me some good lessons about dogs untill he sadly died at age 12.
We could not live without a dog, so we found a litter of Labradors: in the Kennel Tylah there was this little black bitch called Tylah Dozen Charmes, nickname Čarmi (Charmy) – and the story began.
We have been in the obidience school (B-Bh), then we also joined REPS (Dog rescue team) and for many years we have regularly trained, searched, been active members of avalanche searching team and enjoyed our quality time full with friendship and work. When the time came, we had a litter with her and registered the Kennel name »Charming Tails« for the future when it comes.
Robert and I moved to a house in the most beautiful village in Slovenia – Kočno pri Polskavi. Robert's dream was to become a hunter and moving into a new area revived his wish, so he enlisted into the local hunting group, passed the exam and reached his goal. There was only one thing missing: a good hunting dog. Charmy (Čarmi) was a rescue dog, no use to even try some other working directions. Having some space left in the house, we started to look around for another black bitch. Getting an offer we could not resist from the Kennel Tylah, we ended up with a yellow male Tylah My Bet (Richie), aged 10 months, a real challenge, but easy to train. Richie is everything that the breed was made for: he is a good-looking boy, affectionate, happy, playful, adores water and apports, has a great will to please and is always ready to get into trouble.
Being an active member of the Slovene Retriever Club for many years before and hence learning about different Retriever breeds from many perspectives, I wanted to know more and more, which led me to study and learn about Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and Flat Coated Retrievers, which I am honored to judge since early 2013.
In approximately the same time I began to understand and finally also found the many reasons to become a hunter too: not only shooting, but primarily preserving, taking care of nature and wild animals. A great way of living. So in 2012 I made the decision and after regular two year's education and work and exams I am proud to hold a hunter's card as well. This way I feel I can enjoy the breed fully, for its form and function!
Charmy (Čarmi) was getting old and needed to rest from us, so we decided to take in another black bitch – this time I decided to stand up firm to my decision. I have been following the offspring from Lene Wiberg's Annual's Trendsetter for some time and as soon as I got the message I can have one of the bitches out of Trendsetter combination, I booked the camper and off we went. Oh what a memorable holidays that was – nice time with my family and driving home with a small black bitch Annual's Tilly Trotter which we named Skade.
As expected, Skade is a very sweet girl with will to please. Very easy going with a hunting instinct which explodes when needed. She is a totally different dog at home or in the fields – one can forget that she is around in the living room, but you cannot miss her in the water or in the fields.
During past years I got involved with Labradors a lot and I am so much appreciating Richie and Skade that Robert was without a hunting dog again. Having time and space, we were able to realize Robert's other big wish and our family became bigger for another small dog: a Teckel. After some research we decided to welcome Frida Rautarjeva iz Bohinja, shortly Frida. With her we realized a house can be big enough for two Labradors, but too small for a Teckel. She is a bundle of energy, joy and exquisite ideas how to do things right or wrong, in short: a huge contribution to our house and we already decided we will never be without a Teckel in our house!

Our dogs are family members, they live with us in our house (better said, we live with them) and go with us on holidays. Since both, Labradors and Teckels, are hunting breeds, we do all the trials needed and actually hunt with them. Of course the health is very important, as only a healthy dog serves it's purpose, enjoys it's life and you enjoy it with it. All our dogs are from »working show lines«, as we are of the opinion that a dog must be complete: to be up the breed standard and the purpose he was bred for. We wish to breed healthy, good-looking dogs that will please their families, join them for tours, holidays, hunting, rescue, show or puppies – you name it!
And as Vincent van Gogh said: »If you don't have a dog – at least one – there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.«
© Charming Tails Labradors 2013.