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Frida will have her first litter in mid of April 2018!


At last we have first Charming Tails Litter of 11 black puppies - 7 boys and 4 girls.


Ultrasound confirmed Skade's pregnancy. Puppies will be born at the beginning of June.


On Saturday, 16.4.2016 Frida on her first show CACIB Maribor in intermedia class won CAC, CACIB and BOS!


On Saturday, 10.10.2015 Skade & Riha competed on Field Trial CACIT at Ptuj and won excellent results. Skade won 3rd place with first prize, Riha, also with first prize, won 4th place.


On Saturday, 26.9.2015 Riha and I competed at CACT Water work test. I was impressed by his work - he won 3rd place in non pointing category and 2nd in team. Judges praised his nose, working abilities and his joy for work. I'm soooo proud of my boy.


On Saturday, 12.9.2015 Skade and Riha competed on Hunting test and won some great results. Both with 1st prize: Skade was second and won r.CACT, and Riha with some clowney inputs won 4th place. We are so proud of them, they did an excellent job.


Saturday, 28. March we took Frida and had a very educational day, full of fun and work. The Hunting Community Nova Gorica and Slovene Dachshunds Club have organized a joint practise for the breeds. Frida was first tested in bolting a fox from underground den and after a careful beginning she managed to move the bars at the end. The school trip continued to Croatia, where she showed fearfulness in an eye-to-eye encounter with a wild boar.


On Saturday, 23 of August 2014, we have entered Skade and Richie to a hunting test in Zgornja Polskava. My goal was that Skade would pass - and my secret wish was that she would pass with the 1st prize. She is only 16 months old, but she not only passed, she passed with the 1st prize - and was placed 3rd! She received 172 points out of 184. She officially received the licence to go with me and Robi on hunting. The day was crowned with Richie, who was placed 2nd and received the title R.CACT. The goal was not only reached, it was way more than this…..


We have a new member of the family. Robi’s long wished dream came true as we have found this one-time opportunity that we didn’t want to skip: in the kennel Rautarjeva there was an excellent litter of standard wire-haired Dachshunds and we are happy to welcome Frida. Sire: Ch. Villano de los Madroños, Dam: Clooney z Pernstejnského Podhradí. Klaudija and Primož, thank you so much for your trust! Damjana Š.Ž - godmother - thank you for everything... The welcome committee: Richie, Skade, Yoda and Fribi has done it’s job perfectly!


We are very proud of our Richie, who won his last ticket on the International Dog Show in Bled and became Slovenian Champion! Richie is the only dual purpose retriever in Slovenia at the moment - he can win in the show ring one day and have a good hunting day the next day. What is better then hunting with a beautiful clever dog? Well done Riha, well done Tylah kennel.


On her first show our swedish girl, celebrating her first birthday, received the tite Best Junior, BOB and BOG FCI VIII. Happy first birthday, Skade!


Richie had a great day – on the Hunting test TP-R (CACIT) he received 184 points out of 204, which got him a I.prize. In competition with black girls he was the only yellow boy – and came to the 5th place. Natural talent with very little training – he knows what to do!


Skade on her first show CAC Savinjska:
puppy, vp 1, BIS baby 3.rd place and
Riha: working, excelent, CAC, BOB


Some news:
Skade: her first time out at the seaside. Not even 5 month old she decided not only to walk on the beach but bravely took the challenge of the open sea. Swimming is her new top sport.
Going from home with two dogs, returning from vacation with three – our new temporary family member, the golden bitch Vika (Hoiker’s In the Ring) - a nice contribution to our crowd.


Actually I am working as an IT engeneer. And, as usually so, our web-site had to wait many many years to finally see the light. So, here we are, kennel Charming Tails, name combined out of the pet name of our first bitch Charmy and a lab’s always wagging tail. The kennel was registered almost immediately after Charmy's first litter in 2007, but there was no real opportunity to continue. Now it is time.


Searching for the Goddess of Hunting, Winter and Skiing - Skade (Annual’s Tilly Trotter). After two years of thorough checking, planning and searching, everything came together and finally we could make a trip to Scandinavia and bring back our little black puppy bitch.

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